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First and foremost, understand that you're not going to build your network overnight. Furthermore, even after you've begun building your network, it will take time before your efforts begin to show results. Think of networking as a garden. After seeds are planted, they must be tended, and not all will blossom. But networking offers some very fertile soil and the promise of great returns, many realized through PAPEN.

Participating in PAPEN activities helps you to:
  • Gain information about a specific type of industry.
  • Learn about companies who may need your product: your skills, abilities and experience.
  • Become acquainted with individuals in companies of interest who may be able to help you.
  • Secure face-to-face meetings with individuals who can help you in your job search.
Before you can effectively network, you're going to need a few things:
  • A positive attitude
  • A supply of personalized business cards
  • A polished "two-minute drill"
Other aspects of an effective job search might include:
  • A list of target industries, companies, decision makers, and other individuals
  • An initial contact list
  • A set of telephone scripts to solicit networking meetings
  • An agenda for your face-to-face meetings
  • A personal information management system to help you manage your campaign
  • A supply of thank you cards
PAPEN can provide you with pointers on getting everything you need to get organized and functioning.

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